Bro-stache’ of the Week Award

In honor of my beautifully renamed blog, catch a glimpse of this little lip caterpillar.  Oh my! If he doesn’t give not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 mustache rides per day on that bad mamma jamma, he’s not doing it right. Atta boy!


Wait no that’s just Seattle’s Bat Boy. Huh, what’s that? No, no I’m receiving word this guy does actually play for the Mariners.

Wow, I didn’t know we let his kind in the league.  And no, I’m not referring to his race, creed, gender, sex, sexual preference, shoe size, small stature, or anything else distinctive about him.  Here at Baseball Brospectus, we’re tolerant of others.  I’m simply referring to his pencil stache’ growing abilities.  One would think he could find great work in another industry, work that brings honor to his family.  Perhaps working at a Dojo or something.  I’d be tolerant of that.  See, told you I was tolerant.



TolerantCat Jeffries


Ignorance/The World Is Flat

I’m Fat

“Why the boring title Bobcat?”  I know I know. All my article titles are normally straight fire but today I’m sullen and downtrodden to say the least.  My precious Red Sox made two moves that seem boneheaded unless they make some waiver wire moves in August to remedy the situation.

So I’m writing this currently because I was recently in a discussion with someone who said they heard a bunch of people discussing the distinct possibility of Slosh Beckett being traded today.  Now this didn’t happen nor was it ever a real possibility.  Let’s just think about this for a second.

108.1 IP, 6.81 K/9 , 2.41 BB.9 , 0.75 HR/9 , .299 BABIP, 4.57 ERA, 3.53 FIP, 4.04 xFIP, 2.5 WAR

This guy is hardly even replacement level let alone worth 37.5 million bucks over the next few years.  No GM other then Steve Philips when he was with the Mets would take on this guy, his bloated contract, and his penchant for fried chicken and beer.

Leading me to the second half of my rant.  I get very persnickety with things like this.  Back in the day when people believed the world was flat, everyone took it as gospel.  When people started saying “Hey, you can’t fall off the edge you douchelords, the Earth is round” there was an uproar from traditionalists and mass hysteria.  The same thing is occurring within baseball as we speak.  Guys are coming out and saying “Yo there’s better ways to look at the business aspect of baseball then we have in the past, we have these new fangled statistics, sabermetrics if you will, they tell us all sorts of cool shit like how to truly value players and not just go off good ol’ hard nosed judgement from scouts like we’ve always done”.  The aforementioned traditionalists are freaking out and claiming we’re all nerds who sit behind computers and analyze stats and don’t actually watch the games.  Anyways, if these guys had taken a step back, taken a look at and realized he’s hardly even replacement level, then I probably wouldn’t have to make them look stupid right now.So back to the discussion I was having.  After I dismissed the idea of being able to dump Becks as pure stupidity, the person said “Well the radio was saying it”.  Right, I’m sure the Boston papers were saying it too.  The only guy in the media who isn’t a total titnose is Peter Gammons.  Other than that I dismiss all those guys as speculators, or men who’s ideals and perceptions about how to run a baseball team are so elementary, they shouldn’t be allowed near the sports section let alone write for one.

Times are a changin.  People, get with the program please.  Educate yourselves, be informed baseball fans.  Just be informed people in general.

P.S. this same Boston media also has speculated that Jonny Lester would be traded for weeks.  Today it was revealed that teams were asking about him and Boston front office was “saying flatly no” to teams.  Real smart those reporters huh?

Im pissed,

RantCat Jeffries

EDIT 7:10 : I should note that it would not be absurd for anyone, no matter how gluttonous the contract, should the side trading that player be willing to throw in cash, in this case it would have to be millions of dollars.  It is well documented this season that the Red Sox are trying to cut costs due to the massive contracts of Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzales and co. therefore that is why my stance is so strong on Josh Beckett never being a real trade candidate (atleast until the waiver wire opens up).

EDIT #2 7:31 PM: “Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said he didn’t ask  Josh Beckett if he’d waive his ten and five rights, according to Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal ”  (If you’d like to read the non-paraphrased tweet click the link)

I don’t wanna be that guy, so this is the last update.  But what can I say? I win.

Adrian Beltre Is One Weird Cat

I dont know if you guys know anything about this dude, but I remember when he was playing with the Sox the clubhouse was abuzz because they found out that Beltre’s biggest fear, absolute biggest fear, is being touched on his head.  Ghosts? no way. Dragons? Don’t exist. Lightning? Plane Crashes? Adrian don’t give a shit. But if you touch him on his head, i hear he has quite the little temper.

Anyways I thought this was hilarious when I was watching the game the other night and this happened.

Irony at it’s best.  Poetic Justice.

PS hard to imagine the man who’s scared of being touched on his head, is the same bro that’s signature move is hitting a goddamn bomb from one knee.

Stay Weird kids.

EDIT: Just found this page literally dedicated to GIF’s of Beltre’s reactions to being touched on his head. This dude is Brian Wilson Batshit Crazy. Seriously give this a click, it’s hilarious.  I’ve never seen a team in cahoots together plotting to touch a man’s head.

and here’s one just because Beltre is insane


click the picture to view it as a GIF

Gotta Flaunt This One A Little

So this has absolutely, and i mean absolutely, nothing to do with baseball but sometimes you guys gotta let Ol’ Bobcat brag a little bit. This list just came out for Colleges with the sexiest student bodies in the nation.  I was shocked not in the least bit suprised when my own Alma Mater, Elon University made the cut. #23 right there. See for yourselves.

Now I know don’t wanna say this is only because of myself, but one thing is for certain. It sure ain’t because of this guy.


“Im just buzzed guys”

Hey. If the Big Cat says he’s just buzzed, then that’s it. Big Cat don’t play no shit.

I personally think this kid is bombed, but let’s let supple be supple and just go with his story and act like he was just buzzed.  Either way, this picture/blog post (once I make it big time and get noticed) alone will probably be the reason that Elon gets taken off the sexiest list faster then fuck.

Big Cat was bombed off Dat Moonshine,

Larry SaucedCat Jeffries

EDIT 11:03 PM: BREAKING NEWS- I just heard from a very reliable inside source that on the night of this list ruining picture, the Big Cat was last seen leaving the bar with a woman (not pictured) rumored to have crabs.  Inside sources reported as recently as last week he was being treated for what is being called an “unprecedented severe case of ‘the itch’ “.

Oh Tito I Loved Your Ways, Everyday


Thanks to beyond the boxscore for this graph- just wanted readers to take a look at a couple of things here.

1. I miss Tito Francona so much, Bobby V is a douchebag.

2. Youk obviously kills this statistic (Wins Above Replacement) thus confirming his nickname “the Greek Beard Of Walks”

3. I am astonished that Hideki “Okee dokee” Okajima cracked this list.  No doubt he had some great set up years but I had no clue he was this effective.

4. I need Dr. Creepy John Henry to bring back Tito Francona so we can get back to our winning ways, and beautiful gems like these


Although I gotta give Bobby V some love for this doozy.

Does This Look Like The Face Of The Best Reliever In Baseball?


No that’s not Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn’s mugshot.  That’s Aroldis Chapman.  He was recently pulled over for going 83 mph which is ironic because thats an easy 20 mph slower then he pitches.  Anyways, recently everyone is jumping on the Chapmania bandwagon, and I would say myself included but I’ve been a fan for awhile now.

Let’s take a look at Chapman’s stats for an appetizer.

2012 47.2 IP 16.99 K/9 2.64 BB/9 1.51 ERA 1.11 FIP 2.5 WAR

16.99 K/9 (if he keeps this up) will be the MLB record. Okay cool, not sold yet? Fine. Here’s an excerpt from an article written by Wendy Thurm of Fangraphs

“But it’s not just the number of strikeouts he’s recorded. It’s the lethal efficiency with which he’s dispensed with his adversaries. Chapman has struck out nearly half the batters he’s faced this season, posting a 49.7 strikeout rate through Wednesday. He’s faced 181 batters. He’s struck out 90 of them. In July alone, Chapman’s strikeout rate is at 65%. Forty batters faced. Twenty-six strikeouts. Oh, and he has a negative FIP for July.”

Uhhhhh yeah.  That’s incredible any way you put it.  Not even in my Franchise on MLB 2k12 does he have those stats.  Just in case you guys were wondering FIP is Fielding Independent Pitching.  Basically it judges pitchers by results it can control : strikeouts, walks, HBP, and home runs.  Here’s the scale

Rating FIP
Excellent 2.90
Great 3.25
Above Average 3.75
Average 4.00
Below Average 4.20
Poor 4.50
Awful 5.00

Chapman’s is 1.11. Unbelievable. Just for comparison, Stephen Strasburg’s FIP is 2.53.

Pretty incredible stuff from the man who most thought that he would never have any control of his wild 105 mph fastball.

Oh and that’s not his only pitch, he occasionally throws in a decent changeup, or this little unhittable cheese


Aroldis Chapman is only 24 years old.  As long as his body can hold up, then the league will be fearing this man-beast for a very long time to come.  Be afraid.

Oh and Craig Kimbrel is a close second to Chapmania in my book, for those wondering about good ol’ Craig.

Supple is, as supple does,


Grizzly Adams Did Have A Beard


I want to introduce you to the star of that short lived Caveman sitcom that ran on ABC for all of one month.  Only joking of course, this is Andrew Miller.  I’m not just writing about him because he’s on my precious Red Sox and I’m a complete homer, but because he’s one of the most effective relievers in the league this year.

Why am I wasting your time with this? Because look at his career stats (Let’s keep it relatively simple)

7.42 K/9, 5.23 BB/9, .89 HR/9, 17.6K%, 12.4 BB%, 78 ERA+, 1.705 WHIP

and now for 2012

10.57 K/9, 2.74 BB/9, .78 HR/9, 30.3 K%, 7.9 BB%, 161 ERA+, 1.00 WHIP

Those are drastically different numbers to say the least.  One of the most incredible turn arounds in recent memory.     Now how has he managed to strikeout more, walk less, and keep the ball in the yard more? Well thanks to one of my favorite websites FanGraphs, I can dig a little deeper to figure it out.

At first glance batter’s are swinging at about 6% more pitches then they have in the past.  They’re making contact with said pitches about 15% less then last year. So he’s throwing better pitches that batters aren’t hitting… How is this happening? Once again let’s dig further.

It seems that he’s throwing his fastball about 11% less then his career average, throwing his Changeup 6% less and most drastically throwing his slider over 20% more often then his career average.

That’s odd. His slider must be filthy or something. See for yourselves, click the GIF’s to see one of the nastiest pitches of 2012.


Yeah homie. You just got taken off your feet looking at a nasty junkball.  This ain’t no high cheese big dog.


That’s not even getting gassed up.  That’s getting embarrassed.

This is why Andrew Miller fascinates me.  It brings me to one thing Sabermetrics can’t tell me.  What did Andrew Miller do to finally make things “click”?  I guess that’s between him and Mac (Sox pitching coach Bob McClure-possibly the only success he’s had with the pitching staff all year).  All I know is this tall drink of water figured out that his changeup was mediocre, his fastball was decent, and his slider is stupid filthy.

As always kids, keep reading and supporting,