Let’s Talk About Mike Trout/ Hypothetical 20 Year Contract

Mike Trout is a 20 year old phenom currently playing for the Angels.  If you do not know him, immediately go and look him up because this kid is the future of the league.  Yes, I think he will be better than Bryce Harper although at this point it looks like they both will have pretty unbelievable careers.

Trout 2012

254 AB’s, 11 HR, 39 RsBI, 19.9 K%, 8.7 BB%, 4.7 WAR and finally a .398 BABIP

Let’s look at Harper

244 AB’s, 8 HR, 25 RsBI, 19.0 K%, 9.0 BB%, 1.7 WAR and a .330 BABIP


So at first glance it’s pretty obvious that Trout is having a more tremendous year.  I expect BOTH of these guys to regress a little bit, especially Trout, because sporting a .398 BABIP means that he is getting pretty lucky.


I recently saw an article where a writer was arguing that the angels should sign Trout to a 20 year deal and try and get him for a discount price.  First of all this is absurd. Second of all this is completely absurd. I don’t care if you can get him for 20 years 200 million right now because the chance of him being productive and worth $10 million when he’s 40 years old is slim, not to mention it would trap the Angels in ANOTHER huge contract like Pujols and even worse, Vernon Wells (remember him anybody? yeah he’s fallen off the face of the Earth because he has a huge contract and sucks at baseball).  This is all barring that Trout even can play 20 years in the bigs, which is a HUGE gamble supposing that.  Maybe in 5 years he develops a sore rotator cuff from the stress of gunning runners down from CF.  That sore cuff becomes chronic. Now you’ve got a chronically injured CF on the books for another 15 years. (Similiar to Rick DiPietro’s situation with the Islander’s for any hockey fans. And don’t even get me started on Crosby’s new deal. That was borderline mental)  A number of other situations could emerge that make a 20 year deal a horrible, horrible idea.


Either way it’s obvious Trout is the real deal, not a 20 year contract real deal, but somewhere in a few years he will definitely be making more money than should be constitutional for playing a game.  


Oh just for fun, here’s my main dude Will Middlebrooks year so far

171 AB’s, 10 HR, 37 RsBI, 23.8 K%, 4.8 BB%, 1.0 WAR

He’s obviously right up there with those guys, just up the BB% and lower the K% and he’s going to be unbelievable.



As always kids, just some sunday morning food for though



(no not the piece of shit LBJ from South Beach. The cool one who lives in Boston; This guy)


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