Sabermetrics kids. Learn the term.  I’m going to start doing a daily traditional statistic or award (i.e. ERA, BA, MVP, HOF…etc.) and breakdown why it is useless or flawed and probably throw in a stat or two one can use to replace these old fashioned ones. Education kids, thats what im here for. For now though I wanted my readers to know my views on the Sabermetrics, what I like about it and what I don’t.

Let’s start with the basics. Please people do not, let me digress, DO NOT confuse Sabermetrics and Moneyball.  Moneyball was a spectacular book by Billy Beane Michael Lewis (oopsie i pulled a Joe Morgan) that outlined Billy Beane and his use of sabermetrics to find flaws in our evaluations of players and find bargains with a small budget club.  THIS IS NOT SABERMETRICS. That is moneyball. Sabermetrics is simply the statistics Billy used to find the flaws in our ratings of players.  Sabermetrics involve all these new fangled stats such as VORP, WHIP and my favorite (if you haven’t figured it out yet) WAR.

Sabermetrics are great.  It is a common misconception that all it preaches is OBP OBP OBP. This is not true although getting on base does get you one less out away from losing the game.  Sabermetrics shows us that the key to winning games is not getting outs. Pretty simple right? Every out a player makes, puts the team 1/27 closer to losing the game.  The goal of baseball is to win, therefore the player’s that make the least outs (Getting on base/ have a high OBP) are better players.  I don’t care how you get on base. Walk, hit, HBP, bloop, blow the ump, whatever.  It doesn’t matter to me but the bottom line is that certain players have knack for getting on base throughout their career (i.e. Youk- The Greek Bearded Adonis God of Walks)  This is a most basic concept of Sabermetrics as I recently explained and it is VERY simple, and that’s why I like it.

Now what don’t I like about it? Well people often point out that it doesn’t work in the playoffs. (Billy Beane’s teams never seem to get passed the ALDS). That is true. But once again, that’s moneyball not Sabermetrics.  Have I gotten across that the two are not the same yet? No? Well quit reading because youre hopeless and while youre at it do us all a favor and stop watching baseball too.  Need I even point out that teams of the modern era that prescribe to Sabermetric principles have won the world series multiple times? Most famously Theo Epstein and the Sox, twice in the past 8 years.  I think a combination of Sabermetrics and a medium budget are needed to win.  A Hybrid Moneyball if you will.

That being said, Im going to cut this post short because I found myself ranting in my head about all the things I could say in this post but unfortunately I’m trying to keep posts short because I know you hooligans cant stay interested more than a half page. So until my daily stat updates start tomorrow, I will spare you guys.

By the way Sox-Yankees tonight will be a gold mine for idiotic statements by announcers.  Also a blog is coming later where I break down ESPN’s midseason awards. And yes, they are horrendously bad.

As always kids, Stay Supple

Larry the Bobcat Jeffries


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