What is this “New” FJM All About?

As promised, an explanation for why this blog exists.  Let me start with the basics.  Back in 2005 a group of sociopath geniuses similiar to myself began a blog titled, you guessed it, Fire Joe Morgan.  Ken Tremendous, Dak, Junior, Matthew Murbles, and Coach decided to throw in the towel in 2008 as they moved onto bigger and better things (if your a fan of the OG FJM then you know that Fremulon Insurance is no longer the place of work for some of them).  While avid readers of the blog yearned for more, I was unaware of it’s existence.  Only recently while I was bored at work trolling the internet did I stumble upon this little gem of internet blogging.  

Now I set out to finish what they started.  For those unaware, FJM was not a campaign to Fire the announcer Joe Morgan but rather a brilliant site that commented on many of the completely inaccurate statements that many of the commentators on ESPN, Fox, NESN…etc.  spew from their various orifices.  While watching tonights sox-yankees dismantling, it dawned on me that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver continue to haunt unaware listeners with miserably inaccurate statements.  I have undertaken this as not only my job, but my duty as a proud American to put these idiots on blast. It all begins here. 

Kids, put your fun hats and boner pants on,


As always,


Juan Carlos Ochoa

just kidding.


-Bobcat Jeffries


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