If anyone was born to play baseball

It’s definitely not this fatso!   Just kidding, Prince Fielder is the man. Fat Prince hits bombs, no denying it.  This little gem is simply swag for days. Remember my man crush on Billy Hamilton? Well if it was legal to have a crush on a little boy this is the guy.  Wait, I think I’m allowed to because he’s now like 28 or something.  Yeah, my logic is flawless.Image

I hope you all get the same joy that I did out of this piece of history.

P.S. How fresh are those Zubazz pants? I think my Dad owns a pair from like 86′ or something. So Fresh and So Clean.

EDIT: My mother confirmed that Zubazz pants were in the family at one point but not by my Dad. In fact, they were her’s way back in 89′.  Boom. Retroswag.



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