I Needed a New Post to Cover Up My Previous Moment of Weakness

I just can’t decide if that last post was gay or not.  Oh well. Rage on Bitches.

All jokes aside I wanted to take a minute to give one of my main dudes and fellow Elon U Fun Boy a shoutty.  Check out this dudes blog http://www.thecustardshark.com/  . This website is that crack yo.  Really though this dude is a crazy good blogger and just posts great music on the reg.  If you wanna rage, you wanna mellow out, or just rub one out to hot tunes, go check this dudes site to peep those fresh jams.  Plus he recently gave me a sexy shoutty so I owed him one.  Oh and called this blog “witty”.  So if you read my blog, by virtue you all are witty as well.


Rage on playas

RageCat Jeffries


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