I’ve Been Waiting for the Right Time to drop This Doozy

So tonight with the Home Run derby happening (shout out to my dude Fat Prince–see previous post on him) I obviously was reminded that the homie Stanton from the Marlins didn’t attend due to injury and was replaced by Harper (also see previous post on this topic).  Well this rant has nothing to do with any of that except for Mike Stanton. And I have been sitting on this little rant for a minute now.  Bear with me.

I REFUSE to call him Giancarlo  His name is Mike Stanton. Mike. Mike, Mikey, Mike, Mike Mike.You can’t just up and change your name three years into your pro career. Like oh hey I’ve been in this blogging game for a minute now, my name is no longer Bobcat.  It’s Vincenzo. Vincenzo Jeffries.  He went italian, so i went italian too.  Atleast I think Giancarlo is Italian…I’m truthfully not sure.  Fuck it, it’s Italian.  So now I am too. 

Mike Stanton, please realize that you just can’t do this.  This is a legacy ruiner. Like Bonds and HGH, Clemens and Steroids, Schilling and 38 pizzas  Pitches Studios, that black dude from the Red Sox who admitted he was on cocaine and probably smoked a Jeffrey when he threw that no-no back in the day, Pete Rose and hookers.  Mike, you don’t want your name amongst these he-who-shall-not-be-namedses.  Yes. Voldemort’s of baseball.  


Heed my warning Young Buck and Stay Supple

PS Mike Stanton has a nice retro style going on. He’s only 23 but his jew fro and classy mustache make him look much older.



One Comment on “I’ve Been Waiting for the Right Time to drop This Doozy”

  1. D-Breezy says:

    legendary picture

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