This Has to be A Game Changer Right?

So today I was trolling around the internet looking for blogs n such to tear apart. You know, standard Bobcat activities, when I stumble upon newly dropped pics from ESPN’s annual The Body Issue.  I soon discovered that the man himself, The Big Kahuna Jose Bautista was a featured athlete.  

Now I’ve always remained pretty half mast for Joey Bats, ever since I witnessed him hit 54, 43 and (on pace for) 45 bombs in consecutive years.  But after I witnessed his spread (hehe) I think I may be turning a little bit gay.  This man is a pure sex panther, or at the very least uses the cologne, which as we all know works an astounding 97% of the time half the time.  If you’re a self respecting straight man and this doesn’t make you at least even consider taking a walk on the brown side, then I have no faith in humanity.Image

Like I said. Game. Changer.


Now my only question is, does Joey Bats officially unseat Gabe “The Babe” Kapler as baseball’s biggest man crush?  This is a close one but I think I have to go with the O.G. hunk G-Kaps.  You decide though.  And by the way this blog isn’t gay, I’m just cultured.



Pure Sex.




Gaycat Jeffries


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