I Hate to Flaunt It But I Kinda Called This

Hey I’m not trying to peacock on you guys to hard right now, but when you’re on you’re on. When ya hot, ya hot. Don’t hate the playa, hate my glorious predictions.  I called this all the way back on June 18th! wait…June 18th? Shit, that was only like 3 weeks  ago.. Oh well, I don’t see any of you jabronis predicting shit like this.

Shoutout to my dude for posting this conversation, which took place on his facebook page , without his permission. Just dont sue me when I make it big, because I didn’t name drop Big Mike. All of this just so I can flaunt my baseball knowledge, prowess, and wizardry.  Soak it in grasshoppas, and I’ll keep droppin’ knowledge on you fools.  Matt Cain is the real deal.


Hope you enjoyed the SF Giants Showcase All Star Game tonight,

Larry Bobcat Jeffries


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