Pitching Deity, Dapper Gent: Old Hoss Radbourn


I don’t know if any of you guys have seen Old Hoss Radbourn’s “Twitter” account but it’s simply brilliant.  Old Hoss (Real name Charley) was a pitcher waaaaay back in my Nana’s day, 1881-1891.  He actually wasn’t bad either with a .32 HR/9 innings posted with the Beaneaters is in 1886. Oh right…Deadball era. That ol’ thang.  Either way someone brilliant decided to come up with a twitter for him and if you’re a baseball fan then this is even more funny.  

Selected Tweets

“In my day an ‘All Star Catcher’ was prepared to handle everything from hand grenades to mortar fire, let alone a puny knuckle-ball”

“Scribes today: I am going to Kansas City.  I hope I find a good BBQ!  Scribes in my day: I am going to Kansas City.  I hope I do not die of the plague”

“I remember watching W. Whitman hit a daisy cutter up the middle to win the 1882 Celebrity Softball Game”

“How many points does a Batsmen get for hitting and maiming one of the outfield churls?”


Brilliant tweeting my man. Brilliant.


I’ll leave you with Old Hoss’ plan to keep Billy Hamilton from continuing his base thievery.Image




OldCat Jeffries


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