I Have a Feeling This Is a Bad Idea

Well the time has come for me to make a weekend getaway.  My best buddy from my beautiful childhood is making the trek up north this weekend.  We’re meeting my cous and the Lil Cat for some serious man time, and then a few other kids Playmates are coming straight from Hugh’s mansion to join us.

I’m gonna be so busy raging my face off on the lake that the chance of me even coming within a mile radius of a computer is slim to negative.  So, in the meantime, I’m praying you kids will be frothing at the mouth like Cujo waiting for a new blog when I return from paradise on Sunday, but in reality this blog probably will have sunk into the ground faster then fuck.  So if this ship sails, then Bon Voyage’ assholes.  BUT if this badboy is still up and running, then I’ll hit you gayboys with a fresh blog on Sunday.  And I assure you, that it will not disappoint.

As always you cocksmans,

Larry VacationCat Jeffries

P.S. I included this lil pic of me on my trip last year.  Let’s hope this year plays out similarly.


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