I’m Bringin’ Fanny Back

First things first, it’s the All Star break, so realize that times is hard for a baseball blogger.  Hence I’ve turned to my one true love, smut blogging.

I can’t lie I’ve been waiting to peacock this for you guys for awhile.  Let me start by explaining the story behind this beautiful picture.  Last Saturday night I’m chillin with my cousin, kickin back with some brews and bro-ing out.  Standard right? Well shit starts getting weird and all and next thing I know I’m pretty sauced.  Mike’s Hard Lemonade Bud Heavy’s really get to you after about ten.  Anyways, I end up getting a little too saucy and hit the hay.  I wake up in the morning and find a niiiice little $25 charge from the great Amazon.com .  I can’t lie, I am intrigued and press on to discover what I’ve purchased.  When I click the link I find this little game changer


Is that fresh or is that fresh?  Kids toss around the term “swag” too much these days but this truly is swag.  Me and my cous are easily the two freshest kids in beantown with these (yes, I was generous and drunk and purchased one for him as well) and obviously create hub bub wherever we go.  People see us in our matching America Fannys and America tanks and I hear them whispering sweet nothings to one another.  “Look at those two, fresh to death and obviously in cahoots with one another”.  Whatever the fuck that means, I take it as a compliment.  Anyways, this is the biggest power move anyone has pulled in Boston since Mark Wahlberg said he could have single handedly stopped 9-11.

Now I’ve come to this conclusion.  I think this has to be the best purchase I’ve made since I bought the Big Willy Style album back in 1997.  Are you guys jealous as shit or what?  I’ve really outdone myself this time.


SwagCat Jeffries


2 Comments on “I’m Bringin’ Fanny Back”

  1. fannyfan says:

    Red Leather America Fanny? big move

  2. KMoells says:

    You win again, Bobcat. You always do.

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