I Knew You Guys Couldn’t Live Without Me

Well, well, well.  We meet again folks.  Imagine my surprise to return home from a weekend full of crazy sex, drugs, booze, smokin’ jeffries, smokin stogies, and kickin’ it with the bros to discover the blog is still alive and kickin’ it.  Really proud to know my loyal readers continued checking back in for my smut posting.  Preciate’ it guys.  I have an actual post coming later this evening, but I just wanted to bust this one out and let you guys know that I did in fact survive and am goin’ strong.

I want to leave you guys with this little gem of a picture to sum up weekend.


P.S.  Uncle T- The “weekend full of crazy sex, drugs…etc” was hyperbole.  Don’t worry, nothing unwholesome was taking place under your roof.


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