I Feel Bad For Using Twitter as Blog Fodder

But this needed to be said, and I couldn’t deal with arguing this in continuos 240 characters or less conversations so I figured I’d take to the good ol’ blog and then send this dude the link just to flaunt a little.

Here’s the conversation

upthehill12 Ryan Braun or melky Cabrera?

MikeyGuns22 Braun. It’s not even a question.Melky isn’t having a breakout year, he’s having one fluke year. As great as it is, it wont last

 upthehill12 you cant lead the majors in base hits and it be a fluke… plus melky has better stats
First things first. Twitter fucking blows when someone tweets something like this and I get tingles and jingles throughout my balls body to tear this question to pieces with analysis and stats.  Lets start from the beginning
26 HR, 65 RsBI, .326 BaBIP, .394 OBP, 162 RC+, 4.9 WAR
10 HR, 49 RsBi, .390 BaBIP, .399 OBP, 153 RC+, 4.1 WAR
So at first glance Braun is pretty obviously the better player.  Not to mention that Melky has a BaBIP higher then fuck so we can expect some very serious 2nd half regression in his stats. (Remember via Twitter when I said this was a fluke year? This is exactly what I meant.  No one can sustain a .390 BaBIP).
I’m don’t care about fielding all that much but just so fielding fiends are happy (and they both play OF)
Braun- 3.4 UZR
Melky- -.1 UZR
Just for reference
0-2 – average starter
3-5 -All Star
5+ – Gold Glover
Hm. So Braun absolutely demolishes Melky as far as fielding goes this year, and in hitting stats too.  I’m having a hard time figuring out where Cabrera is even in the same league as Juice Man Braun.
Just for a final moment of douchebaggery
Career WAR
Braun- 30.1
Melky- 10.8
PS- Me and Henry are boys, don’t get the wrong idea. That’s why I felt very compelled to school him in such a way.  If this was a rando via Twitter I would have gone Christian Bale in American Psycho on them
I’m not sure if this pic is from American Psycho or Ryan Braun on the juice (is he still? did we ever even find out?)

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