Let’s Balk This Out

So I’m not sure if you guys saw Franklin Morales commit this beautiful balk the other day against the Rays, so here it is again

(You have to click the GIF’s to view them)


As comical and sad as this “pickoff” throw is, there’s a lot more going on here that meets the eye.  Take a peek above the “R” in the Crown ad in top left of the picture.  Find Big Momma Smooth in the blue shirt, and notice that she peeks around with timing so perfect that she actually misses the whole play.  First she’s watching First, then she’s watching towards third base…congrats

Although I’m pretty sure she wasn’t watching Third Base, I think she was staring at this big dog killin the dance floor    seat dancing game. (Look above the US Trust Sign on the third base side, more specifically right above the ‘RAYS’ in small lettering.


I haven’t seen moves like those since Tom turned gay in Brazil that one year


And yes, I did try and see how many GIF’s I could fit into one post.

PS- Yeah, I know the title is a prime piece of Pun.  Some say my Dad is the King of puns, but I think slowly but surely im trundlin’ on up to his level.  Either way the title is Ca$h Money. Don’t Hate.


Larry PunCat Jeffries


-Shoutout to M. Kory at Baseball Prospectus for bringing the Morales GIF’s to my attention.


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