Adrian Beltre Is One Weird Cat

I dont know if you guys know anything about this dude, but I remember when he was playing with the Sox the clubhouse was abuzz because they found out that Beltre’s biggest fear, absolute biggest fear, is being touched on his head.  Ghosts? no way. Dragons? Don’t exist. Lightning? Plane Crashes? Adrian don’t give a shit. But if you touch him on his head, i hear he has quite the little temper.

Anyways I thought this was hilarious when I was watching the game the other night and this happened.

Irony at it’s best.  Poetic Justice.

PS hard to imagine the man who’s scared of being touched on his head, is the same bro that’s signature move is hitting a goddamn bomb from one knee.

Stay Weird kids.

EDIT: Just found this page literally dedicated to GIF’s of Beltre’s reactions to being touched on his head. This dude is Brian Wilson Batshit Crazy. Seriously give this a click, it’s hilarious.  I’ve never seen a team in cahoots together plotting to touch a man’s head.

and here’s one just because Beltre is insane


click the picture to view it as a GIF


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