Does This Look Like The Face Of The Best Reliever In Baseball?


No that’s not Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn’s mugshot.  That’s Aroldis Chapman.  He was recently pulled over for going 83 mph which is ironic because thats an easy 20 mph slower then he pitches.  Anyways, recently everyone is jumping on the Chapmania bandwagon, and I would say myself included but I’ve been a fan for awhile now.

Let’s take a look at Chapman’s stats for an appetizer.

2012 47.2 IP 16.99 K/9 2.64 BB/9 1.51 ERA 1.11 FIP 2.5 WAR

16.99 K/9 (if he keeps this up) will be the MLB record. Okay cool, not sold yet? Fine. Here’s an excerpt from an article written by Wendy Thurm of Fangraphs

“But it’s not just the number of strikeouts he’s recorded. It’s the lethal efficiency with which he’s dispensed with his adversaries. Chapman has struck out nearly half the batters he’s faced this season, posting a 49.7 strikeout rate through Wednesday. He’s faced 181 batters. He’s struck out 90 of them. In July alone, Chapman’s strikeout rate is at 65%. Forty batters faced. Twenty-six strikeouts. Oh, and he has a negative FIP for July.”

Uhhhhh yeah.  That’s incredible any way you put it.  Not even in my Franchise on MLB 2k12 does he have those stats.  Just in case you guys were wondering FIP is Fielding Independent Pitching.  Basically it judges pitchers by results it can control : strikeouts, walks, HBP, and home runs.  Here’s the scale

Rating FIP
Excellent 2.90
Great 3.25
Above Average 3.75
Average 4.00
Below Average 4.20
Poor 4.50
Awful 5.00

Chapman’s is 1.11. Unbelievable. Just for comparison, Stephen Strasburg’s FIP is 2.53.

Pretty incredible stuff from the man who most thought that he would never have any control of his wild 105 mph fastball.

Oh and that’s not his only pitch, he occasionally throws in a decent changeup, or this little unhittable cheese


Aroldis Chapman is only 24 years old.  As long as his body can hold up, then the league will be fearing this man-beast for a very long time to come.  Be afraid.

Oh and Craig Kimbrel is a close second to Chapmania in my book, for those wondering about good ol’ Craig.

Supple is, as supple does,



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