Gotta Flaunt This One A Little

So this has absolutely, and i mean absolutely, nothing to do with baseball but sometimes you guys gotta let Ol’ Bobcat brag a little bit. This list just came out for Colleges with the sexiest student bodies in the nation.  I was shocked not in the least bit suprised when my own Alma Mater, Elon University made the cut. #23 right there. See for yourselves.

Now I know don’t wanna say this is only because of myself, but one thing is for certain. It sure ain’t because of this guy.


“Im just buzzed guys”

Hey. If the Big Cat says he’s just buzzed, then that’s it. Big Cat don’t play no shit.

I personally think this kid is bombed, but let’s let supple be supple and just go with his story and act like he was just buzzed.  Either way, this picture/blog post (once I make it big time and get noticed) alone will probably be the reason that Elon gets taken off the sexiest list faster then fuck.

Big Cat was bombed off Dat Moonshine,

Larry SaucedCat Jeffries

EDIT 11:03 PM: BREAKING NEWS- I just heard from a very reliable inside source that on the night of this list ruining picture, the Big Cat was last seen leaving the bar with a woman (not pictured) rumored to have crabs.  Inside sources reported as recently as last week he was being treated for what is being called an “unprecedented severe case of ‘the itch’ “.


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