Bro-Stache’ Of The Week Is In!


Best Career Move of Pavano hands down.  Literally just a game changer.  I know Kawasaki had the whole Dojo Sensai thing going on with his pencil stache’ but this….. This is an homage’ to the men who paved the way in 1980’s Porn so Pavano could rock the shit out of this little puppy today.  Well played sir, and touche’.

EDIT: I don’t think we’ve ever seen focus like this before from Hot Carl.  Literally ever.  That’s the look of a man who’s thinkin bout doin somethin bad.  Is it the Stache’? That’s a clown question bro.


Jim Joyce, Wally Bell: Respective Living Legends


I’ve been doing this thing lately where every time I go to the sox game, I lookup the umpiring crew and pick out one who seems most legendary, and proceed to chat them up the whole game.  You see, my best friend and dear cousin, Buster Pujols, has season tickets to the Sox right on the third base line, so this is quite the common occurrence.

The two most memorable had to be Jim “Big Daddy Smooth” Joyce, and Wally “RedWood” Bell.  Yes, I completely fabricated those nicknames.

Long Story short, I was reminiscing about my short, but beautiful, interactions with my two umpire homies, and I got to thinking.  If I troll the inter-web long enough, I’m sure I can find some albeit amazing vids of ridiculous umpire calls.  Then I stumbled on this gold mine.

At first I thought this dude was semi-annoying. And then BOOM. Big Papa busts out moves I haven’t seen since the Thriller music video.


There’s a ton of these on youtube. They’re so entertaining I don’t even know how I’m going to bed tonight.  Check this dude out.



I’m sorry…was that the Macarena? Takes pure guts to flaunt this much as an ump.  Real grit just to take all the attention off the kids and place it upon yourself.  Power move, Ump.  That’s how you command respect.

Slow day for analysis and such in case you couldn’t tell, keep checking back for posts on the daily though kids.

As always,


Oh and here’s one more that I really shouldn’t include considering it is softball, but whatever. It’s not everyday Bruce Lee comes back from the nether regions to call a game.  In Hawaii no less.


Kawasaki Is Officially A Legend

So our last week’s bro-stache’ award recipient just continues to prove to all of us his unbelievable boss status.  I mean if anyone has life  figured out it’s this guy. Just week in, week out, showing us how it’s done. (click for the GIFS in action, I promise, it’s worth it)


and yes, he dances too


Salt in the wound Sensai, salt in the wound.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of posting guys, I’m staying busy these days but lots of goodies to come soon

Let’s get peculiar,

GrasshoppaCat Jeffries