Does Getting a $100+ Million Contract Entitle Someone

to rock the greatest mustache we’ll see this season?


Daddy’s Feelin Delicios

I know I know…it’s a week in, calm down Bobcat.  No way, this shit is unreal.   Cole woke up that morning and said “Fuck the world, I just got filthy rich.  Daddy’s feelin pretty delicious, probably gonna pipe a few heaters down the middle today and still strike everyone out.  I’m a dirty dog, and I’m gonna rock a Dirty Stache”.

Goose Gossage his shitting his pants right now, wondering if the crown of Greatest Stache’ may be threatened.  If Cole keeps this up, Goose should be shaking in his boots.

And one more (in no way suggestive) picture just for funsies.  I’m pretty sure that’s a hot dog cannon. No words.


Safe to say mustache of the week is in the bag.


A cannon like this can only to be used by dirty dogs



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