Just Like Arnold In The Terminator….



I’m baaaaaaaack.


I know, I know…Everyone is wondering where I’ve been.  The rumors have been swirling.  Am I dead? Did I get knocked up?  Did I take the millions I’ve made from blogging and retreat to a beautiful tropical land with a bombshell on my side.  The answer to all of the above is of course, no.  I simply took a small hiatus from baseball after I nearly fell into a deep depression brought on by a combination of Bobby Valentine, AAAA players in the bigs, and school work.


Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s move on.  It’s a new season and oh my we are off to a great start.  Expect new updates on the regular, and maybe a few guest posts from a good friend of mine, Lil Cat.


I know you all missed me so much, so let the games begin.


Bobcat Jeffries


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