Does This Look Like The Slider of Baseball’s First $200 Million Pitcher?



After reading a majestic article in which Magic Johnson albeit guaranteed Kershaw a contract of at least $200 million, I heard today that because of those comments negotiations have been heating up and some executives are thinking more in the $220 million + range.  Is this smart?

Recent extensions of Verlander (5 years $180 mil) and Felix Hernandez (7, $175) have set the standard for the market as they are obviously two legitimate aces.  How does Kershaw differ? Easy, he’s just 25.  By locking him up now, the Dodgers are paying for his prime years, and a few years of decline.  The Tigers locked up Verlander through the end of his prime, and well into decline, and the Mariners will also see much of Felix’s decline stage.  For once, I think The Dodgers actually aren’t recklessly spending.

Stats show that these guys are pretty equally as dominant.  All three have Cy Young awards, all three are historically durable, and all three have great stuff.  Kershaw has young age, and being a lefty on his side here and I think the risk is completely worth the return in signing him to a big deal.  Plus I just read that he is a relative of the dude who discovered the planet Pluto (RIP).  That to me is almost worth $100 million right there so this deal is seriously looking like a bargain.

oh and here’s one more little breaking ball gif to keep you happy.


Got Heem



EDIT: My Cousin Lazy Cat just brought this to my attention…Who’s curve buckled the batter worse? Either way, Got Heeeeeem.



Tom Wilhelmsen


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