What’s This ‘Brospectus’ All About?

The Blog

This blog began as a continuation of what 4 men set out to do. Expose the idiots in the media who are destroying sports and young children’s minds with their thoughtless banter.  (the original name, newfirejoemorgan, was named after their now defunct blog)

I’m finding that slowly it is turning into what I like to think of as a combination of the O.G. FJM, with some Barstool Sports Mixed in as well (except really focusing just on baseball, and the occasional smut post/ fanny pack post here and there).

Recently, the name has been changed to Baseball Brospectus.  A play on the popular sabermetrics website and publication Baseball Prospectus.  This truly is just one sabermetrically oriented bro’s take on current events/ general funny shit within baseball.

About the Author

I am currently a student at Elon University studying Finance and Entrepreneurship.  Do not fault me for very poor grammar, excessive obscenities, and great hyperbole.  I write this blog for fun, because I love baseball, love the Red Sox, love statistics and love sarcasm.  I hope that people find humor, enjoyment, and maybe learn a little something too from the blog.

Larry “Bobcat” Jeffries


2 Comments on “What’s This ‘Brospectus’ All About?”

  1. Henry Hill says:

    the blog is fresh man, keep it up

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