B-Ham The Runnin’ Man

Clever title right?


Let’s chat about Billy Hamilton for a second.  This dude is unbelievable and apparently he’s all the rage around town right now.  Just creating hub bub wherever he goes.  This dude has 103 stolen bases right now through 80 games in AA. Wait, what?

That’s correct. Homie steals bases like it’s his job  nobody’s business.  I recently read an article that claims if him and Usain Bolt raced over the distance of a stolen base (about 67 feet after a nice lead) that Hamilton would actually be faster.  

One trick pony you ask? No way.  He is an OBP monster getting on base with a niiice little .413 notch.  149 RC+ makes this dude pretty damn unreal.  People are questioning whether or not he is the Reds SS of the future or if he’ll move to the outfield.  I propose this.  Why not prep him to take over Brandon Phillips at 2nd? Phillips has seen a solid drop off in production as he’s entering the end of his prime.  B-Ham is the man for the job.

This guy is no fluke.  He has seen a steady increase in production each year in the pro’s and has begun dominating every level it seems.  If you baseball-reference this dude, another famous base stealer comes up also named Billy Hamilton.  Except this Billy Hamilton is white…and played for the Boston Beaneaters from 1896-1901.  He also has a career 909 SB’s…coincidence? Not a chance, this is some conspiracy by Young Billy Hamilton’s parents, they knew from the moment he popped out the womb that this Young Buck was destined to swipe bases at an alarming rate.  Base Thievery is in his genes.

As a sabermetrician, this guy goes against most Sabermetric principles.  See, most of “us” don’t believe in the stolen base.  In my hybrid system though, I believe in the right situation and given a base thief has a history of better then 75% succes in base swipin’, then the risk is worth it.  Although with most guys I only believe in stealing bases if the game is tied.  Never play smallball from behind (he he he).  But that’s for another post.

I’m gonna cut myself off here because my boner for this guy is getting out of control.  New man crush? Image

As always kids, more posts to follow today



EDIT: Sweet, just pulled up the Yahoo homepage and guess who’s on the front? Hey just remember, you heard it here first.  I didn’t plagiarize no shit.  They plagiarized me. Get it straight fools.